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Hunting and fishing in Vrnjacka Banja

The region of Vrnjačka Banja can boast a long game hunting tradition. There are specified hunting grounds for this sports among which are the following: Vrnjačka reka Covering 13,8 ha managed by the Hunting Association of Vrnjačka Banja. The following game can be found there: does, boars, rabbits, wolves, foxes, pheasants, grey partridge, quails and wood pigeons.

Beli izvor Vrnjačka Banja Covering 8,8 ha managed by the Public Company “Borjak”. The open hunting ground is the home of the following game: deer, boar, doe, rabbit, pheasant, wood snipe, wild pigeon, marten, badger, wolf, fox, wildcat, magpie and grey crow. The Hunting Association of Vrnjačka Banja is active in the Beli izvor hunting ground and offers deer hunting, doe hunting and boar hunting, and other game hunting.

Fishing in Vrnjačka Banja

Vrnjačka Banja is also famous for its fishing facilities in the Zapadna Morava river, both on sandy river banks or on sheltered bank parts. Several fishing competitions take place on the river every year.



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