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Vrnjacka Banja Serbia
You are currently visiting the internet portal Vrnjacka Banja at which you can obtain a large number of useful information about our most beautiful spa.
Vrnjacka Banja is among the most attractive spas in Serbia and it is considered a real pearl of Serbian tourism.
Vrnjci Spa is in the specially group of the "Serbia Kings Spa". For a long period of time, Vrnjacka Banja belongs to a selected group of Royal Spas in Serbia. For a number of years now Vrnjacka Banja has been engaged in organized tourism.
Vrnjacka Spa offers you a very pleasant budget accomodation. Our portal will help you choose apartments, hotels, villas, restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilities, and thermal springs...




Vrnjacka Banja


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About Vrnjacka Banja


One could truly say that the development of tourism in Serbia actually started in Vrnjačka Banja already by the end of 19th century when the first guests arrived to this area. They used to come for treatment, fresh air, and later on more and more for fun and entertainment. This is the best known spa in Serbia and our most famous health resort. It was discovered by the Romans as far back as 2000 years ago while they were building health resorts for their soldiers. This fact can be supported by Roman monuments still existing today in Vrnjačka Banja. Rich in cultural and historical monuments, with a variety of accommodation capacities and services it excels among all other spas in Serbia. Vrnjačk...
About Vrnjci Spa

Banja Vrnjacka


Vrnjacka Banja Accommodation
...a Banja, also popularly called «The Queen of Serbian Tourism», well-known and celebrated, has always lured noblemen from the period of the Obrenović and the Karadjordjević rule with its natural resources, and afterwards other people as well. Fresh air and moderate continental mountain climate and the top tourist offer will make every guest return from Vrnjačka Banja full of impressions and pleasant memories. Vrnjačka Banja is ideal to be visited by people of any generation and age due to its various contents, lovely cafes and clubs, luxuriant parks for taking a walk, hot swimming pools. Numerous sports and recreational facilities provide excellent conditions for preparation of. top athletes...

Vrnjacka Banja Tourism


.... The park in Vrnjačka Banja has been well-known ever since the 19th century, built to resemble famous spa parks throughout Europe. The most significant monuments of the Serbian medieval culture can be found in the wider area of this region. There are large medieval monasteries located in the immediate surroundings with the most beautiful frescoes of Byzantine art. The Romans were the first who drew our attention to the curative properties of the waters in Vrnjačka Banja and their various benefits. By leaving behind many traces of their great civilization and culture it is as if they wanted to show us that we should continue and cherish the spa tradition and preserve and look after the natural surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja and leave the most positive impression and win every visitor over by our famous hospitality.
Spa Tourism

What Vrnjacka Banja has to offer


Due to its diverse tourist offer Vrnjačka Banja provides a top level of services to be found in Serbian spas. Its advantage is that you can stay in the spa both during the summer and winter period, so the tourist season lasts whole year in Vrnjačka Banja. Vrnjačka Banja is a place where tourists can recuperate, restore their physical and mental health, their mental abilities, become fit and improve their looks. The spa's healing properties will help you restore your muscle elasticity and give your skin the glow it used to have. Although it is our biggest and most renowned health resort Vrnjačka Banja has more to offer than mere medical tourism. This «queen of Serbian tourism» ...

Spa treatment in Vrnjacka Banja


Spa treatment
...rich in history, numerous cultural and historic landmarks, rivers and spectacular natural surroundings will make every visitor feel special and no matter whether you are an artist, athlete, recreational lover or a fishing fan rest assured that you will enjoy cultural assets, charms and delights of Vrnjačka Banja. The spa's immediate surroundings shelters a dozen of monasteries and churches. Vrnjačka Banja is also a suitable place for organizing seminars, congresses, large conventions and diverse events, with congress tourism putting Vrnjačka Banja on the map offering a combination of pleasant and useful time spent. A number of events taking place in Vrnjačka Banja are regarded a...

Congress tourism Vrnjacka Banja


Congress tourism
...s one of the most important segments of tourism here. At the Tourism Fair in Novi Sad the carnival in Vrnjačka Banja was awarded the championship plaque for the best tourist event in the country.
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