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Vrnjacka Banja geographical position


Geographical position

Vrnjci Spa is the business, political and cultural center of the county, with total of 14 settlements on 240km2. In the county there are about 25 000 inhabitants, and the Spa itself has about 16 000 inhabitants. Vrnjci Spa is in the central part of the Republic Serbia, at 43°23’ northern latitude, and at 20°54’ eastern longitude, about 200km to the south of Belgrade. The spa settlement is partly on the gentle slopes of mountain Goch, near the Western Morava, and partly in mild valleys near the Vrnjci River and the Lipovac River. Depending on the position of individual parts of the settlement, altitude ranges from 220 to 300 meters. From the south, east and west, the Spa is protected by the mountain Goch and its spurs, and from the north it is protected by the range of the Gledichke mountains, and it is not exposed to strong winds.

Narrow mountain region of Vrnjci Spa, with the mountain Goch, is a part of a vast forest – mountainous complex of Kopaonik, which is the background of Vrnjci Spa, and it stretches southwards. Apart from Goch (1 147m) and Kopaonik (2 017m), there are also Zeljin (1 785m), Jastrebac (1 492m) and Stolovi (1 375m). This vast forest area, stretching at hundreds of thousands hectares,  shows the beauty of the forest and the mountains of Vrnjci Spa.

The whole extended mountainous tourist area of the Spa is furrowed with green ravines through which a lot of fast flowing mountain streams and rivulets run, on their way towards the West Morava. All those streams and rivulets abound in mountain trout. Bigger rivers, besides the West Morava, are Ibar in the west and Rasina in the east of the region.

Vrnjci coach

The best way to experience Vrnjci Spa is to have a romantic ride in one of the Vrnjci coaches, which run every day from The Bridge of Love through the vast Vrnjci Park, along the same paths that used to carry Desanka Maksimovich, Ivo Andrich, Maksim Gorki, Danilo Bata Stoikovich.




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