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A great number of very attractive locations in the surroundings ov Vrnjci Spa offers a possibility to enjoy the beauty of numerous monasteries, old churches and fortresses, cultural and historic monuments, mountain picnic grounds, wonderful rivers, heady vineyards.

Goch is full of abundant vegetation, created by a combination of ideal climate and fertile soil. Thick beech and coniferous forests, plum orchards, vineyards and numerous raspberry bushes cover slopes. This is an ideal place for walk, picking berries and medicine herbs (here you can find endemic plants and group of plants) as well as for picnic by the side of abundant mountain springs. You can buy cheese and kajmak (a special Serbian cream) from kind hosts, and try brandy from a brandy still, with a smiling peasant from Goch. Special experience is numerous fishponds with Goch trout, where you can enjoy a pleasant meal on the spot, with barbecue and beautiful surroundings of virgin nature.

In order to experience these magical areas, you can turn to agencies that organize excursions to the mentioned locations: “Putnikos” 036 612 377, 612 387 and “MD turs” 036 613 991, 064 24 66 525.

Western Morava

Morava is a real challenge to the fans of fishing and refreshment. This is a place for people who enjoy walking, with a refreshing breeze that brings comfort and soothes the scorching heat in summer months. This river is a place of contradictions, a breath-taking experience, a world impossible to understand, a wonderful gift from God to Serbia.

Wine paths

People say that in every glass of wine there is a lesson in history, geography, botany, religion and philosophy, that this is the only drink that awakens our senses and our intellect. The wine is the destiny of hardworking and honest people from the parish Alexandrovac, in whose genetic code immense love for the sweetest fruit is inscribed – for grapes, and for the best of all the drinks – wine. Join us in a walk around the parish vineyards where you will be able to buy and taste the best quality wines and brandies in wine cellars of  a decades – long  family tradition.




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