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The Vrnjci Carnival – Since the establishment of a modern spa in Vrnjci in 1868, people from Vrnjci have attached great importance to balls, masked balls, village fairs... This spirit of the time has persisted until today.

14th July, the date of the founding of the first tourist organization on the Balkans (Founding Endowment Association of Hot Mineral Water in Vrnjci), was taken as a motive to establish a manifestation called “Vrnjci Carnival”. Carnival happenings are arranged in a week related to that date. Tourist Organization of Serbia officially proclaimed the Vrnjci Carnival to be the best tourist manifestation in Serbia, and it certainly is the crown of the seasonal happenings. The acknowledgment “Tourist Flower” is certainly a warrant of a good entertainment. During one week in July this manifestation gathers over 200 000 visitors.

Vrnjci Spa is then a big stage where a lot of masked balls are held, as well as festivals, expositions, concerts, plays, sports events.

And certainly the central event of the carnival is the Great International Carnival Procession. A great number of carnival groups from all over the world guarantees a good time during those days. During the carnival days you will be warmly received by your hosts, and the carnival cheerfulness will help you forget all your problems.

Concerts and festivals

Vrnjci Spa has over the past years become a place of diverse concert happenings. A lot of pop stars have paraded on the Vrnjci stage as follows: Zdravko Colic, Hari Mata Hari, Vlado Georgijev, Van Gog, Balkanika, Riblja Corba,  Legende,  Zeljko Samardzic.

Apart fro concerts, a lot of folk, pop and classical music festivals take place, so that everyone can find something for themselves.


In order to make your stay in Vrnjci Spa as rich as possible throughout the year, and especially in the summer months, a great number of concerts, street performances, masked balls, fireworks and other events is being organized.

The whole Vrnjci Spa is a big stage where each of these pictures can be an unforgettable keepsake of your stay in Vrnjci Spa.




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