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Mineral waters are those that contain over 1 gram of solid substance per liter at the source – biologically active microelements, free and soluble gases, and those having correspondent physical properties: temperature – thermal and thermomineral waters, and radioactivity, so that they can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Location of the sources

Vrnjci Spa has 7 known mineral water sources, as follows: Hot mineral source (so called Hot water), located in the central spa lake, Sneznik, located in the zone of the Vrnjci river, Slatina in the zone of the Lipovac river, Lake, the source located in the spa park, half-way from Sneznik to Slatina, White Source – near the mouth of the Lipovac stream into the Lipovac river, Borjak – the source 700m away from Sneznik, upstream along the river bed of the Vrnjci river and the Vrnjci spring located  half-way on the road Kraljevo-Krushevac. Among all the mentioned sources, four are used for the spa therapy: Hot water, Sneznik, Slatina and Lake, and two of them are being bottled as table mineral water (Vrnjci Water from the Hot Water source and the Vrnjci Spring).

Classification of mineral waters

On the basis of organoleptic qualities -(color, muddiness), mineralization, ph values, chemical composition, carbon dioxide content and temperature, we can say: Hot water is colorless, transparent, sodium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of low acid ph, low acid homeothermal (T=36,6°S). The water from the sspring Sneznik is weakly yellow, transparent, sodium, calcium, magnesium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of weakly acid ph, weakly acid, cold (T=16,8°S). The water from the Slatina spring is yellow, a little  muddy, sodium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of a weakly acid ph, carbon acid, of a medium concentration, cold (T= 14,0°S). The water from the Lake is weakly yellow, transparent, sodium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of a weakly acid ph, at a weakly acid hypothermia (T= 25,5°S). The water from the source White spring is weakly yellow, transparent, sodium, calcium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of a weakly acid ph, weakly acid, at hypothermia (T=29,5°S).

The water from the source Borjak is weakly yellow, weakly muddy, sodium, potassium hydrocarbon, weakly mineralized, of a weakly acid ph, weakly acid, cold (T=16,0°S).

Indications for adult cure

Illnesses of the gastrointestinal system: acute and chronic esophagus inflammation, reflux esophagus illness, acute and chronic inflammation of stomach and duodenum, gastric and duodenum ulcer without complication, conditions after the resection of stomach and duodenum, digestive disorders (dispepsia), inflammatory and functional illnesses of small and large intestine ( entheritis, entherocolitis, colitis, Kron disease, ulceric colitis, irritated colon syndrome, after – radiation colitis). Hepatho – billiar tract and pancreas diseases: convalescence after acute infective and toxic liver inflammation, chronic liver inflammation, initial stage of a hypertrophic liver cirrhosis chronic noncalcial inflammation of gall - bladder and bile ducts, postoperative conditions after surgical removal of calculus andchronic pancreas inflammation without tendency to frequent deterioration. Metabolic diseases: light and medium bad forms off diabetes and obesity. Kidney and urinary tract diseases: chronic inflammation of urinary tract, microlithiasis, lithiasis with a possibility of a spontaneous elimination of the calculus, postoperative condition after surgical removal of calculus and urinary tract operation, toxic damage of kidneys and chronic inflammation of prostate gland. Cardiovascular diseases: labile form of high blood pressure or lighter forms in a stabilized state, and chronic diseases of peripheral blood flow. Hematopoesic system diseases; syderopenic anemia and hypochloride caused anemia. Rheumatic diseases: extra-joints rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism and chronic inflammatory rheumatism in remission phase. Posttraumatic and postoperative conditions. Gynecologic diseases: chronic inflammation of internal genital organs in remission phase, functional disorders and postoperative conditions.

Cure and rehabilitation of children

Chronic gastric inflammation with hyper or hypoacidity, ulcer, entherocolitis recidival and chronic, states after recovery from virus hepatitis, chronic liver diseases with no signs of decompensation, diabetes, microlithiasis, christalurie, states after removal of calculus, inclination to create recidive of calculosis  and recidivate urinary infection.

Contraindication for curing adults and children

Acute diseases, infective diseases, tuberculosis of lungs and other organs, malign neoplasm and malign hemopathie, venereal diseases, chronic diseases in stage of degeneration and complication, parasitic diseases, affluent and frequent bleeding of any cause, cahexy, psychosis and epilepsy.




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