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Cultural center of Vrnjci Spa is a public cultural institution and it owns a theatre and movie hall, Castle of Culture with a gallery and museum space, and Amphitheater with 1500 seats. Cultural center organizes one of the most important cultural manifestations in Serbia entitled “Vrnjci cultural festival”, which lasts 100 summer days, and is composed of excellent programs in the field of literature, theater, film, television and musical creation, art, publishing and museology, as follows:

Film screenplay festival

Beside showing films, assessing and giving awards for film screenplays of the annual production, there is also the Symposium on screenplays, as well as Summer School of film drama. Then follow the film revues and serials, like film opening nights, FEST, Sinemanija, Kinoteka and so on.

International classic music festival

Beside many concerts, within the festival there is also the pedagogic program with courses for learning violin and chamber music.

Literary summer

Literary summer is a program for the field of literary creation, composed of portraits of eminent writers, books promotion, literary regions and towns of Serbia, literary manifestations and winners of literary prizes, as well as discussions about actual topics concerning history, philosophy, social sciences, politics, theology and so on.

Serbian theatre days

Visitors of the Spa can see the plays from the Serbian theatre repertoire, so that they can see hit opening nights, drama classic and avant-garde, portraits of actors, great names of drama literature and other programs.

Art festival

Serbian art festival is a set of expositions, actions and manifestations in the area of art, and it is composed of expositional programs and artistic activities such as Contemporary Graphic Center, Landscape Festival, Synthesis Program, Summer Art School, Sculpture Symposium, and Plain Air Yugoslav Sculpture Biennial.


National library “Dr Dushan Radich” has a centenary tradition: its beginning goes back to the “Schutza Pavilion”, which at the beginning of the 20th century had a spa library. Today the library owns about 40 000 books available to local people as well as to guests, nicely decorated reading rooms with complete daily and periodic press and magazines for science and culture, as well as homeland history, which is under certain conditions available to users. 

Publishing activities comprehends editing books on history, culture, philosophy, tourism, fiction, literary critics and other areas in several editions, of which the most important is Fons Romanus. Throughout the year, and especially during the high season, the library organizes literary evenings, discussions, lectures and promotions of new books, with participation of eminent workers of cultural, scientific, religious and other organizations and institutions.

Film screenplay festival

In august, on the summer stage in Vrnjci Spa, The Film Screenplay Festival takes place. Over thirty years, a great number of films have been realized, and this has also been the chance for the film public to meet the great actors. Screenplay writers, actors and other not less important film workers have always been dear guests. This is also an opportunity to get an autograph or to take a photo wit someone famous. The film screenplay festival will be an unforgettable keepsake of your stay in Vrnjci Spa, and you will remember it not only for its beauty spots, but you will also remember Vrnjci Spa as a place of film meetings.

Belimarkovich Castle

The summer villa of the general Belimarkovich, the king’s deputy during the minority of the king Alexandar Obrenovich, is apart from the Vrnjci church, the oldest and the most eminent building. It is erected on the slope above the hot spring. It is patterned on the north-Italian field castles of that time, following the idea of his nephew, the civil engineer Pavle Denich, projected and supervised by the Austrian civil engineer Franz Winter, from 1888 to 1894. Most of the work had been done by 1889.

In this castle, the descendants of Belimarkovich lived until the 1960s, and in 1968 it was purchased for the sake of culture. The Law on the Protection of Cultural Monuments declared it to be a very important cultural value for Republic Serbia. Today the homeland museum is in it. The museum is very complex and it refers to the territory of Vrnjci Spa and its surroundings, with archaeological, ethnographic, historic collection (collection of graphic-tourist publicity of Vrnjci, collection of building heritage, collection of old postcards, collection of photos, collection of old photo negatives on glass), art collection (sculpture, pictures, graphics...) and natural collection.

The permanent exhibition is made up of three expositions: “Ladjarishte – Prehistory of Vrnjci”, “Ethnographic Heritage of Vrnjci Spa” and “Memorial Room of the General Belimarkovich”, while outside the season one can see the “Artistic Collection of the Culture Castle”. By the exposition “Ladjarishte – Prehistory of Vrnjci”, the traces of the oldest settlements on the territory of Vrnjci are represented. They date back to the period of the younger Stone Age (4th millenium BC).The exposition “Ethnographic heritage of Vrnjci Spa” presents the way of life in our region since the second half of 19th century up to the 1960s. The exposition “Memorial Room of the General Belimarkovich”, with a part of the furniture and household objects from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th , from the general’s legacy, represents a short insight into the life of this general who, by his reputation and influence, contributed to the development of the Spa. Special value of his collection are old and rare books and newspapers from the mid 19th century to the mid 20th century. The exposition “Artistic Collection of  Culture Castle” is a rich fund of Serbian graphics, pictures and sculptures from the second half of the 20th century.


In the castle, classic music concerts are held, drama collages, books promotions, lectures, summer school and academies (Summer Art Academy, Contemporary Graphics Center, Summer Classic Music Academy).


Apart from the gallery in the Culture Castle, in Vrnjci Spa there are some more galleries, where you can buy the works of Vrnjci artists, as well as those of our best known artists.




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